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Alexandria Christensen Email

CIty/Country Sioux Falls, SD

Jessica was truly a beautiful person in every sense of the word. She was an amazing friend. Miss her all the time and our talks that I could only have with her.

William l Shepherd 

CIty/Country Australia


Referred By Self

A beautiful place for my heart to go, a place to sit and listen and share. Somewhere Iโ€™m not alone.
Thank you. ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ™

su shaw Email

CIty/Country united kingdom


Referred By jeralyn

it has been 8 years since i last popped in to say hi,my life has changed in so many ways,some good,some not so good,but always grateful,always.
reading all the wonderful poems and writings again this time has a little more feeling for me as i have a grandaughter who also gets bullied from time to time,i worry so much ,but in my heart i know she will be ok,hope she will be ok,she is only 7 and such a joy in our little familys life,god bless you and your mum and dad,keep spreading little pieces of love and joy jessii

Dennis Holstein  Email


CIty/Country South Gate, CA


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Kayli Peters Email

CIty/Country Garretson

Referred By Self

I still miss you everyday. I know I didnโ€™t know you very well but I will never forget the times we had at Girl Scouts. Your smile and laughter brought joy to us young ones. I know I followed you around a lot and probably bugged you a little bit but I always looked up to you. The day I found out crushed me.. and it still does. I never got the chance to know you even more. You are a beautiful soul Jessica and I hope you have found peace. I know itโ€™s been over ten years but not a day goes by or a year that goes by that I think of you. Your friend Kayli

Lynne Colombe 

Very sorry for the loss of your beautiful and precious daughter.

Dad Email

CIty/Country Garretson SD USA


Jessii,  The world has changed so much since you last were here in your earthsuit. The one constant is Mom and Dad's love for you. As we approach your 28th birthday, I still have trouble coping without my coffee buddy. 

Where would you be at this stage of your life? Would you be safe,or take chances for humanity? I believe the latter, as that is who you were and are. I hope you and Sonata have ridden the planes with Gage and Midnight by your side.

Love Dad.

Vickie Schumacher 

A while back, my friend Mary and I visited your shop and I received a roll of quarters in honor of Jessica.  I ran across it as I had saved it, and want you to know that I am thinking about your and Jessica today.

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CIty/Country uk


Bob Johnson Email

CIty/Country Milbank,SD USA

Yesterday as I was driving to the farm,I saw in the distance something shiny in my soybean field.The wind was blowing and making it wave. I was wondering what can this be? As I got closer I could see it was a balloon,and it was caught on the soybean stalks. I walked into the field to retrieve it,and put it in my Jeep. I looked at the card briefly,and thought it was released at a birthday party. The balloon and card spent the day in my Jeep,as I harvested beans. On the way home last night, the balloon was in my rear view mirror, floating,not going to be ignored. I looked at the card closer and saw the website. You see, after harvesting,yesterday,I was sitting in the farmhouse, with my Dad,sister,and two nephews,planning the funeral for my brother who had passed away suddenly on Saturday night,10-1-16. Larry had a struggle in life,he was 62. In 2010 he had bypass surgery,and honestly he had very little good going on his life. I wondered then if he would have the strength or will to survive. He lived in Omaha,at that time. Two years ago,I helped him move to Ortonville, Mn, so he could be closer to family,and it turned out to be a good move,his attitude towards life,had changed from, just waiting to die,to looking forward to living a long time. On Sept.26th we had a birthday party for my Dad who turned 90. Several people who came to that party had not seen Larry in many years. He was excited to be buying a house,in Milbank,and had recently bought a bee hive,and was looking forward to a new hobby,of bee keeping and possibly having some honey to share with the family. All this changed Saturday night at 10:30. He went into cardiac arrest, and they were not able to save him. At a time when he was looking forward to life,life was gone. I know that this is nothing compared to the pain you have suffered from the loss of Jessica. All I know is, there was a reason this balloon decided to stop in my soybean field yesterday. I am sorry for your loss. Sincerely Bob Johnson

Lisa a  

Jessica is beautiful, I'm from Pos and I'm sorry for your loss.

Barbara Mckee Email


CIty/Country Eufaula Alabama

Email Eufaula

So sorry for your pain

Janice Email

Jessica was a beautiful soul, gone too soon. To her parents and all her loved ones I say, she is not truly gone. She is an angel in heaven, she can hear you and she is waiting for you. Not yet, though. Not yet. Stay strong! Jessica Haffer, you will never be forgotten and just remember, you are beautiful, and you always were. May you know no more pain at the Lord's side. 

Sherrie Powell Email


CIty/Country South Beach, Oregon, USA


Referred By Jeralyn

Merry Christmas Jessii!!!  xoxo  

BRUNO  Email

Thank you so much for bringing me joy in this dark and gloomy day. There's tears coming out of my eyes because for a second a remembered how life can be wonderfull. I can imagine how much hapiness you brought to your family because just by looking at your smile I felt so much better. I'm sure you're looking at us right now. Our brain is not capable, by itself, to create such feeling. I don't know your reasons but I am in a war against depression too and for second I remenbered how is like to be happy. I hope God is taking care of your family. Greetings from Brazil.

Dad Email

CIty/Country Garretson, SD


Referred By angels

Jessii, You would be 26 today. Happy Birthday, my daughter. Your Mom and I have missed your physical hugs for almost 12 years. Oh what we would do for just one more day, hour or minute. Can't you come back as the mother did in the movie AI? Maybe next year.

Love ,


What a beautiful tribute to an amazing young woman, may she soar with the angels!!!

Kathy Cunning London Email

Such a beautiful, meaning tribute to Jessica. With tears running down my face I thank you for sharing. You will always be in my prayers.

william smith Email

CIty/Country Berlin NH usa


Referred By n/a

My name is william smith,  I am a college student in NH and I am doing a paper/ presentation on Bullying.  I came across your daughters story and I nearly cried. I just want to say I am serverly sorry for what youve gone through.  I wish there was i way i could help you.  Hearing your story has inspired me to be a better person.  Once again I am sorry for your loss..

William G. Smith
Criminal Justice Student
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